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Scotland Branch




Branch Committee

Chairman:  Les Braby

Home: 01361 883534
Mobile:07734 101772

Vice Chairman:  Position Vacant


Secretary: Mrs G Shearer

Home: 01436 820129
Mobile: 07732 399627

Treasurer: Mrs A McRobbie
Home: 01786 822633

Branch History

Founded by 6 Veterans in Aberdeen, this Branch came into being in January 2008 with the purpose of providing in the North, a quality re-union Dinner for Veterans of the Falklands Conflict and all those who, for whatever reason, were affected by the outcome of that conflict. By definition, the Branch membership comprises of all those members of SAMA 82 who are registered as living in Scotland.

It was decided at the outset that there is to be no added membership fee as the re-union dinner is self funding on the ticket price of each function. the Dinners of 2008 and 2009 were held in the Douglas Hotel, Aberdeen and in 2010 the Dinner moved to the King Malcolm Htoel, Dunfermline, where the 2011 Dinner will also be held.

In November 2009 the Branch instigated an additional annual commitment to the memory of our Friends who did not come home, by undertaking an Act of Remembrance in the laying of a SAMA 82 poppy wreath at the War Memorial in each city of Scotland.

The Year 2010 saw the first Branch AGM taking place. This to conform with the new Rules for SAMA 82 Branches. Due to Branch membership being so widespread throughout Scotland, it was decided that the Branch AGM should be held on the same day of and prior to, the annual re-union dinner.

The ethos of the Branch is for Veterans to meet in harmony and kindred spirit, having due respect for the contribution made by all those who wear the South Atlantic Medal in their contribution to the success of the Task Force on Op Corporate.





Les Braby

SAMA (82) Scotland Branch - Chairman

Home: 01361 883534
Mobile: 07734 101772