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Central Region



Oxfordshire; Middlesex; Buckinghamshire; Gloucestershire



Proposed SAMA (82) Central Region Members get together – Saturday 4 July 2015 @ 10:30


A tour for up to three parties of 12 (total 36) has been provisionally booked at Hook Norton Brewery –


Brewery Lane, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire OX15 5NY Tel: 01608 737210


The normal cost is £12.50, we have a concession at £10.00 and the I have sponsorship from my company for the first 20 to go free. Any donations please to SAMA.


The visit will consist of a tour taking an hour or so, plus a sampling of all their current ales.


On the day the Brewery will be “Steaming their engine” and showing their Shire Horses and Wagons. In addition there is a Classic Car meet for the 12:00 tour. So hopefully enough to entertain us before Lunch.


Lunch will be available five miles away at the The Kings Arms, 18 West St, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 5AA Phone:01608 642668


This is a an Arkall’s pub in Chipping Norton at the east end of the high street. You need to use public parking. It is a big pub with good value pub meals. No special arrangements have been made however it would be useful to give numbers. You will have to pay for your own lunch. Viv Morris, the landlord was a Hydrographer in the RN and was in the first Gulf War.


We will probably have a few announcements and speeches from any volunteers, however the aim will be to meet each other and work out what we want to do for Christmas. My objective is to have two regional meetings a year. Overall the aim of SAMA is to look after the less fortunate veterans and dependents of 1982 and support the “pilgrimages” back to the Falkland Islands.


This is the first ever meeting of our Central Region: [Oxfordshire; Middlesex; Buckinghamshire; Gloucestershire] and I have no idea how many will come plus it is probably the Wimbledon Semi- Finals day. Also I am expecting you all to use your own transport which conflicts with drinking and driving. Hook Norton I believe is the most central point in our region. Once we have worked out what we want, I can organise meetings at the extremities of our region. The Brewery visit was to get your interest, other suggestions gratefully received.


I have not asked yet about partners. They may want to tour the brewery or you can send them over to Burford which is a pretty Cotswold town nearby, so please can I have answers to the questions below to


1.       How many meetings a year do you want for our region? None, 1,2 or 4

2.       Do you want to bring partners to this visit? Yes/No

3.       Will your partner want to tour the brewery? Yes/No

4.       How many will be visiting the Brewery?

5.       Do you need wheelchair access (I have failed to ask the Brewery this question!)? Yes/No

6.       Do you know any other Falklands veterans who are not SAMA 82 members who would like to join us? Please give details.

7.       How many will be going to the Kings Arms for lunch?

8.       Would you be able to give / provide / transport another member(s) located close to you or on the way? Yes/No


Please can I have your answers to me directly by 12th June via the contact details below.  Please do not send your answers or queries to the SAMA office. Also I will try and sort out some mutual help transport arrangements.


If we do not get a big enough response (Max 36 at the Brewery), I will open the invite to other Regions.


Joining instructions will be provided before the event with maps. The tour starts at 10:30 you will need to be there by 10:20.


Tim Parrott


SAMA 82 Central Region rep ex HMS Invincible


E-Mail: TimParrott@MyPerch.CO.UK   
Home: 01453 762133

Mobile: 0754 88 27 888                   
Skype: tim.parrott59                
Office: 01453 767580




Regional Co-ordinator

Tim Parrott

Home: 01453 762133
Mobile: 07548 827888

Skype: tim.parrott59