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1982 Timeline


The content of this Timeline and all links in it were compiled by Mark Griffin in the early days when he was populating the old website and are not meant to be the full history. There are many ships and units and events that are not mentioned.

This timeline and all content are links from, and reside on, the old server and will not be updated. It is felt that it is better to have this than nothing at all. Plus it is a good Timeline and a lot of hard work was put into compiling it.

It may be that in the future it will be able to be updated if and when the Timeline and Garden of Remembrance are transfered to the current website companies control. 




2nd Argentina invades the Falklands
3rd South Georgia invaded
5th First Task Force ships leave Portsmouth
7th 200 mile 'exclusion zone' declared around the Islands
9th Canberra sails from Southampton
25th South Georgia retaken
1st Stanley airfield bombed
2nd General Belgrano torpedoed
4th HMS Sheffield hit by Exocet missile
15th Pebble Island raided

San Carlos landings; HM Ships Ardent and Argonaut bombed
Frigate HMS Antelope abandoned after bomb detonates while being defused by disposal officer
25th HMS Coventry bombed, and Atlantic Conveyor hit by Exocet missile
28th Goose Green attacked
29th Argentines surrender at Goose Green
30th Mount Kent taken
3rd Bluff Cove/Fitzroy occupied
5th Mount Challenger taken
8th Disaster at Fitzroy- RFAs Sir Galahad and Sir tristram bombed
11/12th Mount Longdon, Two Sisters and Mount Harriet taken
12th HMS Glamorgan hit by shore based Exocet missile
13/14th Mount William, Wireless Ridge and Tumbledown Taken
14th Argentine invasion forces surrender - Stanley liberated
20th South Thule retaken